[Repost] The Essence of Calculus | A Series

Hello! I’m aware that I may be a little late since midterms are already over but I have “refound” a channel that I had previously discovered that was a big help to me when it comes to understanding what calculus is, how certain theories and formulas we’re taught in class came to be and what practical problems those formulas and theories were made to solve. This is what your calculus teacher didn’t teach you.

The channel, called 3Blue1Brown, is a channel in the same vein as Numberphile where it tackles mathematical questions but in a very visually stimulating format. For anyone taking calculus (and especially those who’re taking AP Calculus AB/BC), this will help fill in some of the holes in your knowledge on why some things are the way they are.

Different mathematical theories and formulas weren’t invented in a vacuum; each theory and formula was made to solve a problem. So, when learning about math, you shouldn’t learn it in a vacuum either.

Here’s the first episode of a series on the channel, The Essence of Calculus:


Happy learning!

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