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APUSH Early America Timelines

*Credit goes to one particular Coach Nance :D*

Art Piece: Silenced

This is my favorite piece to date so I made it my profile picture. This is one of the last pieces left in my gallery that I haven't showcased yet so I really need some new ideas. I currently have a piece under construction but it's not going to be finished anytime soon if you guys…

Art Piece: Final Horizon

This is Ultimate Horizon -- The Universal Fate. If you like this, this art piece is available as a print here.

Shoutout to Lemanshots

Designed and created by Josephine R. Unglaub. via Nocturne. — lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art

Art Piece: A Spider’s Thread

  The Spider's Thread in this piece has a double meaning. It could symbolise the fragility of good or... it could be something else. If you want to know the story behind the spider's thread, click here. As always, leave a comment below and perhaps some suggestions as to new concepts y'all would like me to explore.…



Alone in a Dark Room With Your Thoughts

Hello guys! It's time for another art piece. As you can tell from the date in the lower right corner, this drawing is from quite a while ago. This was the summer after I started drawing for the first time. You can see my technique is still relatively simple but I've definitely done much better…