[Repost] LWT W/ John Oliver: Voting Machines


[Repost] Dear Young People, “Don’t Vote”


Perhaps the Next Great Flood Will Come After All

I think it is rather ironic that the biblical records of our past prominently feature a great flood designed to wash human corruption and sin from the Earth. Because, after all, haven't we been working towards that outcome since we were aware that we were poisoning the Earth? So, instead of divine intervention at the... Continue Reading →

Do You Still Not Understand?

Originally posted on May 4th, 2017 Have you guys seen what the House did with the Affordable Care Act today? And have you seen how they voted? It was really close with 217 voting for the repeal and 213 against. Here's an image of that from Vox:   Now do y'all see what I mean... Continue Reading →

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