Perhaps the Next Great Flood Will Come After All

I think it is rather ironic that the biblical records of our past prominently feature a great flood designed to wash human corruption and sin from the Earth. Because, after all, haven't we been working towards that outcome since we were aware that we were poisoning the Earth? So, instead of divine intervention at the... Continue Reading →

Do You Still Not Understand?

Originally posted on May 4th, 2017 Have you guys seen what the House did with the Affordable Care Act today? And have you seen how they voted? It was really close with 217 voting for the repeal and 213 against. Here's an image of that from Vox:   Now do y'all see what I mean... Continue Reading →

APUSH Unit VI Essay Prep: Civil War, Reconstruction and Beyond (1860s-1900s)

Sorry for the late post guys, but here's the next round of essay prep. (1) Compare and contrast the attitudes of TWO of the following toward the wealth that was created in the United States during the late nineteenth century. I chose Andrew Carnegie and Eugene V. Debs. If you chose other people, you have to... Continue Reading →

US History EOC Key Terms

U.S. History EOC Final Exam Review (Georgia Standards) Key Terms and Concepts Colonial Period: 1607-1750 1. Virginia Company 2. Tobacco 3. Powhatan 4. House of Burgesses 5. Bacon’s Rebellion 6. Slavery v. indentured servants 7. King Phillip’s War 8. town meetings 9. Rhode Island/Roger Williams 10. Half-way Covenant 11. Salem Witch Trials 12. royal colony... Continue Reading →

The Polling Station

This article is going to be rather succinct as I would rather interpret the given facts. I'm going to borrow and elaborate on an idea a friend of mine had. She said that perhaps United States President Donald Trump launched airstrikes on  Russian airbases in Syria because he instead decided to become some sort of... Continue Reading →

The Sad Case of the Nerds, Geeks and Bookworms

As an APUSH student, this is a trend that I've seen repeating itself every single time America makes an effort to modernise itself. It is not only the people's resistance to change but also the people's resistance to new information. The American people throughout their history has always preferred easy information and take pride in... Continue Reading →

American ADHD

Hello again! This Sunday, we're going to talk about how America gets distracted. In the meantime, for those who get their news through blogs and Facebook, I hope you'll read this. No, we're not going to be talking about the overdiagnosis of ADHD in Americans or the fact that social media and technology is supposedly... Continue Reading →

Western Media and the Terrorist Agenda

Good morning, afternoon, evening, and night to whomever may be reading. I go by many names but the name I will be using here is nemoulysseus. I am honored to be the second writer of this blog. I may only be a student studying foreign relations but all teachers are only students who can explain... Continue Reading →

A Proud Hypocrite

There is always one phrase on the news that gets repeated over and over again-- America, the leader of the free world. First, that's awfully pretentious. And secondly, it seems ironic that America also has the highest number of incarcerated adults per capita. The leader of the free world also has the most inmates. However,... Continue Reading →

Unit IV: Antebellum America (1800s up to the Civil War)

Trail of Tears by Robert Lindneux (1942) This unit's essay prep is incomplete because at the time, there was other things going on and my partner and I didn't have the time to fully expand on all the points, so I'll only include the prompts that were completed. (1) The Jacksonian Period (1824-1848) has been... Continue Reading →

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