[Update] Irregular Schedule

We will be on an irregular schedule from here until the end of May. We may not upload every month and we will upload things as we finish them. Thank you for visiting our website.

It’s 2018

It's been a year since Outlet came into being and we just want to say Happy New Years. It's been an eventful year and several irreversible changes have taken place in the world. Outlet hasn't been active for a lot of 2017 but we've always been keenly aware of the changes in the world. As... Continue Reading →

[Update] On Hiatus and Some Updates

Once again, we’re going to go on a hiatus at least until midterms are over with and we can once again stabilise our time. We are all high-achieving students at different stages of our education and school, family and work remain our highest priorities so we must focus on satisfying those demands before freeing our focus to work on this website. I hope we can get this website back on its feet once this rough patch is over and thank you for your continued support.

So I just wrote an article and published it. Then, I clicked on the article I just published. IT WAS BLANK! And there was no way I could recover my work. So I have to rewrite it. It wasn't a problem with my computer but WP just completely erased my post! What the heck! I... Continue Reading →

[Update] Final Exams

For the next month or so, I need to be focused on school so articles on this site will drop significantly in volume. I'll still post on Wednesdays and Sundays whenever I can, but in between, you might not see anything from me at all. I have several AP exams to study for as well... Continue Reading →

Test Week

We're really busy this week with tests and the like so we don't have much time to write for this blog. In the meantime, we'd like some topic ideas that you guys would like for us to discuss. We'll talk to you more often next week. Side note: Aside from the tests that we have... Continue Reading →

A Side Note

Thank you to everyone who followed our blog so far! We love your support for our blog. However, we would like some feedback directly from you guys and if you'd like us to cover a topic or want us to explore an idea, please let us know. We look forward to expanding this blog and... Continue Reading →


Ok, so nevermind about the last Update post. We are going to focus mostly on political topics and historical topics that relate to what's happening to America today. We will add a Science category and start uploading about topics that will highlight new technological advances and scientific findings. We'll continue posting APUSH help and may... Continue Reading →

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