To the Class of 2018: A Conceit

I remember the very first time I met the Future. I was six years old, and he made his presence known to me when he approached me to ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And I told him, “A princess.” And then I changed my answer to, “An archaeologist.” But... Continue Reading →

[Repost] Are Schools Violating Child Labor Laws?

The title of this article is a bit provocative but there is merit in what the content of articles says. As students, we have to be at school for a certain number of hours for five days a week. Then, to get into a good college, we need extracurriculars and for most of us that... Continue Reading →

[A Repost] I’m a College Admissions Consultant, and I Tell My Students to Get Bs

Here's a little nugget from a person who has studied at Harvard and has been part of the admission process. In it, the author talks about how, by striving for the best, the best becomes monotonous and mundane. In the process of surpressing yourself and your passions and needs to get that perfect score on... Continue Reading →

A Growing Standard: Student Apathy

While there’s a rise in standardized test scores, GPA averages, and AP exam participation, can we write this up to a rise in a genuine love for learning as well?

[Repost] Subtle Ways Colleges Discriminate Against Poor Students, Explained with a Cartoon

Despite the unsubtle title of the article, it was actually quite insightful. These are the sort of things that happen a lot without people even realising it and they have quite a big impact on students. The article uses studies as the basis to support its claims so it's quite trustworthy and people with first-hand... Continue Reading →

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