[Review] Top 5 WebToon Favorites

My Top Picks from the Best of Webtoon. A must-read for comic/manga/manhwa readers.

[A Reblog] Imagine There’s No Politics

Recently, as many of you would have noticed, I have been primarily writing about politics and how politics affects us but everything I wrote can't help but feel a bit trite and pretentious. Really, it's just the same old problems again and again and somehow, after millenniums of human history, we still have not resolved... Continue Reading →

Why Teachers Shouldn’t Be Complaining About Kids Not Reading

It's a common goal for teachers to try to get their students to read, but they don't understand why most of their students hate it. But it really is their way of going about getting kids to read that turns off most kids. I was lucky enough one of those who started reading for fun... Continue Reading →

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