[Repost] Bias in Medicine


Another name to something that was previously just an observed behavior! In this case, the tendency of people to not give up even after it has been shown that further effort will not change the outcome. The continued effort might even be detrimental to yourself in some significant way too which makes this behavior all…

10% Brain and Superhuman Capabilities

So everyone knows about the myth that people only use about 10% of their brain at one time, right? They made a movie about it, Lucy. In any case, while that is clearly a myth and has been resoundingly proven to be untrue, the fact that our brains may not be functioning at full capacity is true. 

A Mysterious Killer: The Prion

Trigger Warning: There are pictures in this article that may be upsetting to some. Viewer discretion is advised. 'Ello! This is the start of a new series that deal with mysterious diseases and unusual pathogens. The first of this showcase is the prion, a silent, mysterious and nigh-invulnerable killer with a 100% mortality rate. Let's start…