APUSH Unit VII Key Terms

1. suffragettes: Catt, Stanton, Paul, Mott 2. Treaty of Paris (1899)* 3. Conservative U.S. Supreme Court decisions: Hammer v. Dagenhart (1918); U.S. v E.C. Knight 4. “dollar diplomacy” 5. WWI: U.S. neutrality/freedom of the seas 6. child labor 7. Annexation of Hawaii 8. Hawaii/Dole/ Queen Lilioukalani 9. Spanish American War/causes 10. “Splendid little war” 11.... Continue Reading →

APUSH Unit VI Key Terms

1. Thomas Edison 2. Populism/People’s Party; failure of 3. William Jennings Bryan 4. “Cross of Gold” speech 5. “Big Business” 6. Immigration/”New Immigrants” 7. Nativism 8. Domesticity 9. sewing machine 10. mechanization 11. urbanization; water and sewage in urban areas; tenements; internal migration 12. The Knights of Labor 13. The Molly Maguires 14. The American... Continue Reading →

US History EOC Key Terms

U.S. History EOC Final Exam Review (Georgia Standards) Key Terms and Concepts Colonial Period: 1607-1750 1. Virginia Company 2. Tobacco 3. Powhatan 4. House of Burgesses 5. Bacon’s Rebellion 6. Slavery v. indentured servants 7. King Phillip’s War 8. town meetings 9. Rhode Island/Roger Williams 10. Half-way Covenant 11. Salem Witch Trials 12. royal colony... Continue Reading →

APUSH: Unit V Key Terms

1. Northern views of slavery 2. popular sovereignty 3. Scott v. Sanford (1857) 4. Antebellum North v. South: population, economy, society, class conflict, etc. 5. Civil War North v South/“balance of forces” 6. Webster-Haynie Debate 7. Free African American population: north v south, occupations, status, etc. 8. The American Anti-Slavery Society/factions 9. the cotton gin... Continue Reading →

APUSH Unit IV Key Terms

1. The American Colonization Society 2. The Seneca Falls Convention/Elizabeth Cady Stanton 3. Frederick Douglass 4. The Grimke Sisters 5. William Lloyd Garrison/ The Liberator 6. Missouri Compromise 7. Wilmot Proviso 8. Mexican Cession 9. Whig Party 10. Democratic Party 11. Presidential elections, 1824-1860 (esp. 1824, 1828, 1840, 1844) 12. The “Corrupt Bargain” 13. Ostend... Continue Reading →

Unit III Key Terms List

Unit III Key terms and Concepts First Bank of the United States Hamilton’s Reports (Public Credit, the Bank, Manufactures) Whiskey Rebellion/excise tax Hamiltonian v. Jeffersonian philosophy Loose v. strict construction Federalist Party Republican (Democratic-Republican) Party The First Party System the “elastic clause” Washington’s Farewell Address Bill of Rights Napoleonic Wars and U.S. foreign policy Neutrality... Continue Reading →

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