Broad Overview of Gender Dysphoria in Children

Gender dysphoria is a condition that isn’t well understood by the public and carries a stigma that, like many other conditions described in the DSM-V, burdens those experiencing it with others’ moral judgements and often, social exclusion. In this paper, we will explore the etiology, developmental course, diagnosis criteria and educational considerations of students who... Continue Reading →

In a Classroom of Their Own Book Review

This is a book review I had to write for my sociology of gender class I read “In a Classroom of Their Own: The Intersection of Race and Feminist Politics in All-Black Male Schools” by Keisha Lindsay where she talks about the theoretical basis from which proponents of all-Black male schools argue their case to... Continue Reading →

[Reblog] The Market of Humiliating Black Women This is the intersection of being black and being a woman. This is how they come together to further oppress black women in a way that most people don't even realize. Black women have to deal with the treatment of being black and being a woman. Within the community, we've seen how black women... Continue Reading →

Womens’ Duties: Invisible Burden

We look at economic prosperity in terms of GDP and other means of measuring material production and consumption but this economic production is reliant on a form of work that is invisible to the standards metrics of economic production: reproductive labor. Introduction In "Our Mother's Grief" by Bonnie Dill, she defines reproductive labor as labor... Continue Reading →

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