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Art Piece: Trickling Away

A revisit to an old piece. Which one of you can guess which one it is?

If you like my art, you can buy prints of them here. I need some ideas for a new piece since I’m fresh out. Like and follow if you enjoyed.

Lieutenant out.

Art Piece: Spiraling


The name of this piece has three meanings; it not only alludes to the nature of the staircase but also to the eternity of time as well as the feeling that everything is spiraling out of control. Other than that, this piece isn’t really that good in my opinion. I hope to redraw this in the future.

This is my most recent piece I’ve finished and there is one more piece that I haven’t shown on Outlet yet that was supposed to come before this so you guys will see that one soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put up a decent article on here soon. I’ve been busy and kind of out-of-whack. Pray for me. T-T Please comment with new ideas for art or if y’all want us to write an article on something interesting in the coming weeks.
I’ll see you on Sunday.

Art Piece: Silenced

This is my favorite piece to date so I made it my profile picture. This is one of the last pieces left in my gallery that I haven’t showcased yet so I really need some new ideas. I currently have a piece under construction but it’s not going to be finished anytime soon if you guys have a request, then I’d like to hear it (a request, you hear? not a commission because I don’t believe in making my art for just one person). As always, thanks for dropping by and peace out.

If you like this piece and would like to buy a print of it, I made Silenced available for sale on my DA page here.

Art Piece: Final Horizon

This is Ultimate Horizon — The Universal Fate.

If you like this, this art piece is available as a print here.

Art Piece: A Spider’s Thread



The Spider’s Thread in this piece has a double meaning. It could symbolise the fragility of good or… it could be something else. If you want to know the story behind the spider’s thread, click here.

As always, leave a comment below and perhaps some suggestions as to new concepts y’all would like me to explore. I’m currently pulling all these art pieces from my gallery which means I’ll soon run out of art pieces to upload on here because I haven’t finished a piece since December of 2016… :/

Please don’t copy and paste for your own use without telling me. I do have a copyright on all of my art so it’s just better not to violate that.

Art Piece: Waiting


-December 9th, 2015

As a side note, I’d very much like it if some of you artsy people would recommend some ideas for new drawings for me. I’ve been hitting some serious artist’s block this past school year and soon, I’ll run out of pieces to post on here. So please help. Leave what you thought of the piece down below as well.




                                                                                                                                  -March 16, 2016


Alone in a Dark Room With Your Thoughts


Hello guys! It’s time for another art piece. As you can tell from the date in the lower right corner, this drawing is from quite a while ago. This was the summer after I started drawing for the first time. You can see my technique is still relatively simple but I’ve definitely done much better on the execution for this piece than my Silent Judges piece.

The meaning is pretty simple as it should be with most of my pieces; your thoughts can lead you anywhere. This is one of my more thoughtful works and it doesn’t have any immediate sense of danger the subject of my works usually feel. The subject is once again a featureless shape of a human and it is in a theater where the screen is a path lined with weak lights and trees with an indiscernible end.

If you’d like to help me with ideas for a new piece, leave it in the comments below. As always, be aware of my subject of choice and comment accordingly. Otherwise, let me know what you think and I’ll see you next time. Peace.

Art Spotlight: Beyond Crude

Here at Outlet, we believe in free opinion. Opinion can take many different forms and can be expressed in just as many ways. In support of a fellow creator wanting to speak out against Trump’s rampage against the environment, please check out Beyond Crude, an art exhibit designed to provoke thought about the cost of oil.

The featured image is a work done by Rob Sheid, the creator of Beyond Crude.