May 2018 Quote of the Month

"Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." - Rumi

December 2017 Quote of the Month

In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot. - Czesław Miłosz

My Raw Thoughts on College and A Career

“Raw” as in, “I wrote this in twenty minutes”. No edits. Nothing. This brings up a topic I briefly touched on in one of my other articles, A Growing Standard: Student Apathy, in which I introduced the “exhausted professional”, someone that works solely for the tokens that come with it. I once had this view, and…

Why #WomenBoycottTwitter and Other Social Media Protests Don’t Work

What good is a social media protest if nothing is accomplished? Some of you that are avid users of Twitter may have heard about the #WomenBoycottTwitter protest on the 13th (I know, I’m late), and some of you may have even partaken in the protest. Or you may not have heard of it at all,…

A Growing Standard: Student Apathy

While there’s a rise in standardized test scores, GPA averages, and AP exam participation, can we write this up to a rise in a genuine love for learning as well?

What ISIS Is Really Trying To Accomplish

Islamophobia is a growing fear in our world today.  Politicians today are starting to waver, as more and more people are growing fearful of potential attacks coming upon them, but are their efforts actually hurting or helping their cause?

[Update] A New Writer! An introductory post by adri3000

Hello everyone! I just thought I'd make a quick blog post introducing myself, as opposed to you guys just seeing a random post from a new person. My name is Adriana (I also like to go by Adri) and I’m a senior in high school from a small city in Ohio. I’ve always loved writing,…