Hello! I’m LtDemonLord (or just Lt) and welcome to Outlet!

My blog is for those who like to have their views challenged. To clarify, this blog is for rational discussion and should remain so. Everyone is free to express their thoughts, but of course, the fundamental niceties will apply and the severest of reprimands on this blog will be our silence. We also have a lot of more thoughtful content; we have everything from art and philosophy to science and technology. There is more than one person responsible for the content on this blog and everyone is expected to be listened to with the same respect. INTPs everywhere are especially welcome. With that, let your mind conquer new horizons and read on!

Our Writers:

I’m Anna! Originally from big-city Philadelphia to small-town Georgia, I am a writer who gets inspired by the myriad of perspectives that I am exposed to.
I am the admin of the site and I created Outlet. Having moved a lot, I don’t really know how to answer the question, “Where are you from?”
This is Nemoulysseus or just Nemo. Nemo has the status of editor on the site and will sometimes write an article here. 
This is Adriana or Adri and she is one of the writers of Outlet. Another ambitious mind, she hails from Ohio.

 Potential/New Writers: Anna is our newest member! Welcome to Outlet! Megan, another writer, will be joining soon.

We look forward to being able to create more content for Outlet’s readers (or as I like to call us, Pluglets) for many years to come!

Supporting Outlet:

There are several ways to support us in our effort to bring knowledge to the world. We have a Patreon page here that you can make monthly contributions at and if you reach any of the reward tiers, you can access exclusive Patron-only perks. We also upload art on Outlet, most of which are available at our art store on Zazzle (at Inquisitive Outlet) and also at my DA prints store here (DA is more expensive though and I have no control over the price on there so use Zazzle instead).

How to Join Outlet:

Also, we are always looking for new and dedicated writers. If you would like to join, click this link here and that will take you to a survey and we’ll contact you shortly after you complete it.


We would love to hear your thoughts on this site and on how we can improve it. If any of you should like to speak with us about something, we have a contact page that you can use to get in touch with us.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our site and we’ll talk to you later.

Side Note: Any sort of shoutout from us on this blog is not sponsored unless otherwise explicitly stated.


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