A Semester of Generative Syntax

Hey guys. I took a really interesting class this semester and I want to upload what I learned on here partially as an online record for me to reference in the future and also as something that y’all can use if you’re learning about generative syntax. This class covers elementary analyses of the syntax of languages like English, Indonesian, Turkish, Japanese, German and French. We go over how to construct lexicons, phrase structure rules, subcategorization frames, transformations and we end with a deep dive on embedded clauses and how they are structured in each language.

If you are using these resources to cheat on tests and homework, shame on you. To prevent cheating on the midterm and final, I’ve excluded them from this file upload.

Hope you guys find this helpful. I’ve included a preview for one of the files (the last assignment, as it were) so y’all know what they look like. The rest of the files would have to be downloaded.

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