End-of-the-Year Internet Haul (2018-19)

Happy New Years y’all! This’ll be a new series that I’ll be starting. Basically, it’s a compilation of all the cool websites, channels, etc. that I’ve found on the internet in the past year and want to share with you. I don’t have a very long list this year since I only came up with the idea recently and wasn’t keeping track the rest of the year but here’s the list with an example from each source:

Also, nothing is sponsored. Also also, there’s a clothes section in the second half of the post.

YouTube Channels

3Blue1Brown – Complex Mathematics Visualised

ContraPoints – Issues Tackled w/ Frank Analysis (PG-13)

God is Grey – Assimilating Religion into Reality

Knowing Better – History/Gov./Psych. so that next time, you’ll know better

Chubbyemu – Medical Detective

NativLang – Linguistics

Now, on to the entertainment side of YouTube:

The Architect of Games – Game Analysis

Borodante – Improving Your Art (Over-pain Series)

Design Doc – Game Analysis

Fandor – Movie Analysis

Game Maker’s Toolkit – Game Analysis from an Insider

Lessons from the Screenplay – Movie Analysis

New Frame Plus – Animation from a Professional

Peaceful Cuisine – Food-making ASMR

PostMesmeric – Game Analysis

Pop Culture Detective – Movie Analysis

ScreenPrism – Movie Analysis

ShoddyCast (aka Austin from GameTheory, ’nuff said)

Storytellers – Movie Analysis

VaatiVidya – SoulsBorne Lore to the Max (Dark Souls & Bloodborne)

Ethical Clothing


Grana is in the same vein as Everlane where their materials are high-quality and responsibly sourced with a high degree of transparency into the entire process. I find that Grana has a lower average price point than Everlane, especially when they have sales going on. Grana’s selection of items is smaller than Everlane’s but the themes between the two brands are about the same where they both carry minimalist, classic styles. They work with materials like silk and cashmere and I’ve ordered some of their pieces and they’re amazing. They have a men’s line too. If you can’t tell, I like neutral colors (grey) a lot.


Krochet Kids (the following were all on sale)

Nobody’s Child


In the spirit of minimal waste and the three Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle, ThredUp ticks all these boxes and offers great pieces with great discounts. They have a special designer category where you can find secondhand luxury items at amazing prices in great condition. They also offer Goody Boxes which is similar to the clothes subscription services where they send a collection of clothes according to your preferences and you can pick and choose what you want to keep and pay for. Being a thrift store, you can also fill one of their Clean Out bags with clothes/bags/jewellery and send it back to keep your unwanted clothes out of the landfill and earn some store credit. They also launched their own line of clothing called Remade where the clothes are made to last and produced ethically with an emphasis on resale where the customer can sell the clothes back for 40% of original price. Overall, what they’re doing is great and going thrift shopping is like going treasure-hunting so it’s a win-win for everyone.

I saw that H&M has a “sustainable style” category now where they’re trying to offer organic and sustainable alternatives to the fast fashion that they usually sell. I haven’t really researched how sustainable they are though, so I don’t know how well their claims stand up although any steps towards a more ethical production process is a step in the right direction.

That’s it, y’all! Lemme know some cool places on the ol’ interweb you guys have stumbled across this year.

This is Lieutenant. Peace out.

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