July Study Piece Part 3: We Should Start Over

How we should have approached things

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

– Desmond Tutu

This is why we study history

Timeline courtesy of Nemo.

We may have went overboard the moral political indoctrination. Some would call it a “brutal education” in and of itself. The content was clouded by the method. There exist many conspiracy theories because people are distrustful of authority figures that break their promises. Some people are mad because the nation’s leader didn’t uphold their promises to protect their people, federalists are upset because they feel the government infringes on most aspects of their lives. The idea behind conspiracy theories is: “If they would lie to us on one occasion, what else could they be omitting to save face?”

The Holocaust is not a conspiracy nor is it a mere theory. Real people died, were separated from their families, and stripped of their basic human rights. It seems not like a distant memory but a horror story parents tell their children in order to behave. It makes humans into gruesome monsters who prey on the suffering of others. It makes us look like demons that walk the Earth and people aren’t comfortable with that. Many of those who were put on trial, especially in the Nuremburg trials, took the defense that they “were simply following orders” as to deflect much of the blame away from themselves. Because before the trials, they were regarded as “good soldiers”. Before the trials, they were assured that they were making their country better by killing “the bastard races.” Before the trials, they weren’t considered criminals who had committed atrocities.

Even now, David Irving asserts that the Holocaust didn’t exist because there aren’t documents that say “Holocaust” but that’s because Holocaust is a Jewish word meant to illustrate the brutality of a cult of personality… it means sacrificial offering on an alter to a God (Hitler called himself der Fuhrer). The Nationalist Party called it “The Final Solution” or “Endlosung.” It would do Mr. Irving good to actually learn German and study the documents that may still remain, seeing as much of it was destroyed when the Nazis realized that they had lost the war and Hitler had committed suicide.  Of course, he would argue that seems mighty favorable for the prosecutors and coincidental.

I would rather not focus on the Holocaust because there are plenty of prolific sources out there but I would rather focus on what would drive people to do things like that to their fellow man and how many years in the making such plans would take. Make no mistake: Hitler did a lot of dreadful things, but he also did a lot of good things. Otherwise, why would everyone follow a mad man? Hitler is synonymous with the spawn of Satan and considered the very essence of all things evil, instead of explaining in detail why what he did was bad. Not everyone understands or wants to understand that it’s the very mentality of wanting to kill other people “for the good of all” is not only flawed but morally wrong.


TL;DR: The Germans had many victories and crushing defeats. Those who either studied history or felt they were dealt an unfair hand were more than willing to “have a go” at those who were accused of being the scapegoats, even going as far as aiding in “rectifying” their communities by doing away with the “bastard races.” There were of course dissenters but there may be a slim chance that those who cooperated weren’t entirely aware of exactly to what they were agreeing. This is where the Hangman poem has the most relevance.

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