2018 WebToons List

Hello! This month’s posts and the last two month’s, for that matter, have been lacking as far as how often we post and the number of posts in general so today is gonna be a little more laidback of a topic. We’re going to look at some of my favorite webtoons I’m reading and I’m gonna be counting on you guys to let me know of any good webtoons you guys have found.

Gourmet Hound by Leehama


The main character of Gourmet Hound has a Remy-like nose (the mouse from Ratatouille) and a mission rooted in her past. Her favorite restaurant from her childhood closed down and she’s on a quest to find the chef responsible for the special flavor from her past. As she goes on her quest, she comes face to face with the troubles that each of the chefs harbors. Overall, this webtoon is pretty lighthearted and fun and colorful — most of the characters even have a food name!

Miss Abbott and the Doctor by Maripaz Villar


This webtoon is set in the Victorian Era although the author doesn’t hold themselves to the webtoon’s historical accuracy 100%. The story tells of a feisty, unconventional Miss Abbott and the rigid, traditional Doctor Marino and how they make peace with each other’s ways and attitudes and form a quirky relationship. Anything further than that is gonna spoil the story so I’ll stop right there. The webtoon is drawn in a sketchy style. The strongest point, I think, about this webtoon is in the range of characters in it and their personalities so no matter who you are, you’re going to be able to laugh and relate with the characters in this webtoon.

Phantom Paradise by Rurisen


This webtoon is a mixture of messed-up stuff, magic and revenge which, when I think about it, is kind of what Black Butler is like so if you’re a fan of Ciel and Sebastian’s shenanigans, then this will be a good webtoon for you. The setting in this webtoon draws from Chinese culture, both from the harem system depicted to the style of clothing although of course, the author has taken some liberties in order to make this a proper fantasy. The traditional gender roles have also been reversed as it is the women in power. The story centers around a boy who enters phantom paradise as a candidate for the Empress’s newest batch of concubines and secretly plots to overthrow her to achieve revenge. This story is relatively new so I don’t really know what direction this story is going in but so far, the story seems pretty solid. If nothing else, the art in this webtoon is absolutely gorgeous.

I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero by samchon

The reactions the main character makes in this webtoon is to die for.

This webtoon follows Naga around as he navigates his way around his morals as a working superhero. He wants nothing more than to be left alone but time and time again, he’s called on to use his power. His telekinetic and teleporting abilities don’t go unnoticed for long though, as he’s soon caught in the fight between an enigmatic, amoral group called Knife and his own department of supers. This webtoon is still unfinished and it has very fleshed out stories and some frustrating character arcs that really make everything feel pretty realistic. In its core, this webtoon is about duty vs self-preservation and the fight to maintain self an d keep to your principles when everyone else is urging you to give yourself up “for the greater cause”. More relatable though, is the feeling of a lack of control over what’s happening and an inability to do and not do what’s right.

The Daneman by David Daneman


This is one of the most underrated webtoons on the platform. The author of this webtoon doesn’t use speech bubbles but rather the actions and environment of its characters to show a story. Oftentimes, it’s a joke or a pun but at other times, there are hidden meanings that require some thought to puzzle out. Either way, if you like creative storytelling, then you should check out The Daneman.

About Death by Sini/Hyeono


About Death takes a good look at what it means to be alive and how death defines our lives. This is one of those deep, insightful webtoons that talks about what it is to be human. The webtoon features a number of characters as they each face death in their own ways and come into contact with the enigmatic character (above) who may or may not be God before passing on to the “next place”. There is one chapter that I do disagree with where it addresses abortion but otherwise, this is well worth a read, especially if you read it on a rainy afternoon like I did.

With that, happy reading and let me know about any webtoons you would recommend.

This is LtDemonLord out!

*Sidenote: In the light of recent events, there’s really not much we can contribute to the issues in debate so we’ve refrained from posting about them because that would be repetitive and entirely unhelpful for anyone looking for something insightful. However, thank you to all of you who sent in emails asking after us. We are all fine but the transition to a college student doesn’t leave us much time to write in general. We hope you understand.*

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