[ Weekly Invention] Scandia Moss

So, it’s no secret that I love innovation and one of the greatest things to come out of the internet is the ability of inventors and innovators to reach out to a big audience very quickly to fund projects that might be deemed too risky by corporations. This week, I will be talking about Scandia Moss. Scandia Moss is a project that brings moss into your homes and living spaces. They’re currently being funded on Kickstarter and its campaign ends on June 15th.

What I liked most about this project was that its product is very multi-purpose and has both form and function. Their products, like the tree frames shown on the Kickstarter website (shown below), are both decor and an air filter. Since the moss are long-living and need very little maintenance, these decorations can continue to serve their purpose long after purchase. Besides aesthetic purposes, this decor can also clean up many harmful particles that linger inside your home or office so you get to enjoy both a more pleasant-looking living space and be able to freshen up the air inside (and especially useful for people with breathing problems or have just moved into a new space).


They even have a wide variety of colors to suit whatever environment they’re placed into:


To support this project and to learn more, click here to go to their Kickstarter page.

Pictures are taken from their Kickstarter page. Outlet is not affiliated with either Kickstarter or the creators of this project.

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