[A Repost] On Nagging | A Video

Usually, when we want to change someone else and have been met with a brick wall or an otherwise unsympathetic ear, we resort to nagging which not only turns off the other person more but also gives them a sense that they are being falsely accused or wrongly punished. This video helps explain the results of nagging and how we can overcome it to be more effective at persuasion.


Shoutout to The School of Life. They are an awesome channel and they make some pretty profound videos so if you like the video above, maybe consider checking them out!

Side Note: I know that Outlet has been dormant over the last week or so, but we have a couple of articles in the works and it’s just that all of us have college things coming up so please bear with us. Thanks so much for your patience and we promise to make the wait worthwhile. We also have a couple of new potential writers so look forward to seeing them sometime in the coming months!!

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