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10% Brain and Superhuman Abilities

While the myth that we only use 10% of our brains is untrue, it is true that we aren’t using our brain’s full potential.





The Ultimate Logical Loophole: The Devil’s Proof

This is the single most destructive weapon against science and logic.



A Mysterious Killer: The Prion

A nigh-unkillable pathogen that feasts upon brains.




Sound: The Secret Nature of Reality

At the quantum level, nothing is as it seems, not even the nature of reality.





Pitfalls in Numbers: Misleading Numbers

Numbers may be objective but even they can be misleading.





The Power of One & How to Make Wormholes

How a simple algebraic concept can hold the key to making one the most elusive of natural phenomena.




To Be or Not To Be… Is It?

An introduction into the world of quantum mechanics.




Castigation or Correction: The Aftereffect of Our Prisons

The hidden consequences of being incarcerated.







On Campus Safe Spaces: The Drag and the Friction

An article detailing the defense of Campus Safe Spaces




Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors: Saints By Comparison

Don’t let your desire to save people’s feelings turn you into what you’re fighting against.






Politics, Entitlement and Narcissism: I Want This and I Don’t Want Them to Have It

The poison at the root of America’s divide today.




America’s Favorite Reaction is Overreaction: Today vs Past

A look at the other critical mistakes America has made during times of crisis.





The Proud Hypocrite

The US says that they are the guardians of liberty, justice, and freedom. That is just not true.




American ADHD

No, we’re not going to be talking about the overdiagnosis of ADHD in Americans or the fact that social media and technology is slowly destroying the millennials. We’re going to be talking about a far older epidemic and that is America’s extraordinary ability to get distracted and also what they missed while distracted in the light of recent events.



What ISIS Is Really Trying To Accomplish

Islamophobia is a growing fear in our world today. Politicians are starting to waver as more and more people are growing fearful of potential attacks coming upon them but are their efforts actually hurting or helping their cause?

Other Great Stuff


Story Starter: Deathfriend

A voice called her name. She looked up, neck craned, searching for the source of the voice. “Here, mommy!” Her mom’s red hair came bobbing into view and her fingers loosened. The piece of paper flew away, carried away by a sudden breeze. Thinking back on it now, it seemed like Fate was taunting her. When she was little, she thought that if she hadn’t let go of that piece of paper, her mother would still be here. Her paper with her happy stick family floated away, lost forever to her grasping fingers.





Art Piece: Silenced

A hurt girl smothered by webs into silence






Fencing for Dummies

Starter advice for new fencers. A guide on the most crucial skills to being a good fencer.






[Review] Webtoon Favorites

A count of the best of Webtoon. If you need recommendations on new series to read, I got some titles that will keep you entertained for some time yet.






[A Novella] Locked Out of Heaven

“He slowed down, tugging back a little on her hand. Adelina looked back and smiled. He smiled back, desperately holding back the emotions that threatened to burst out. It will be enough to watch her from a distance. Maybe when he’s old and bent, this one kiss would remind him that, once, he had been touched by an angel and then perhaps he might’ve done something to be proud of. But for now, he wants to prolong the moment for as long as possible. A damned soul catching a glimpse of Heaven’s gates before falling to Hell, grasping at clouds to slow his descent.”


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