[Update] A New Writer! An introductory post by adri3000

Hello everyone! I just thought I’d make a quick blog post introducing myself, as opposed to you guys just seeing a random post from a new person.

My name is Adriana (I also like to go by Adri) and I’m a senior in high school from a small city in Ohio. I’ve always loved writing, and hope to maybe (still not decided) pursue a career in journalism. Expect to see articles that may be completely unrelated to each other and be on topics that you may not have thought about, because I love learning new things and bringing to light issues that are often undiscussed. My other hobbies include singing, critiquing films, and watching telenovelas! I’m in my school’s National Honor Society, student council, and I also do volunteer work. I hope to create content that peaks people’s interest and makes people think, and maybe even make them question their own morals 🙂

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