[Update] Frustration and Outrage and Some Other Things

So I just wrote an article and published it. Then, I clicked on the article I just published. IT WAS BLANK! And there was no way I could recover my work. So I have to rewrite it. It wasn’t a problem with my computer but WP just completely erased my post! What the heck! I searched it up and this same thing has happened to other people. So be careful guys, because even if you periodically click the save button when editing (which I did), WordPress may still delete your work.

One other thing I want to touch on is that fact that we have a new writer!!! Her name’s Ari on Outlet so look out for her stuff in the near future!

We’re still recruiting writers so if you’re interested, go on to the link in the footer of this page and click on the link that says Become a Writer for Outlet!