[Review] Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Another reincarnation of Holmes and Watson. It never gets old.

So I’ve already written this same article already but WordPress deleted my work AFTER I CLICKED PUBLISH even though I periodically clicked the save button. So… I have to rewrite it. So I’m going to make this article short because I don’t feel like rewriting the almost-thousand-word-long article I wrote for the review of this game. Anyway, this isn’t a rant article so let’s get into this review.

This is a game that came out last year in May and it’s developed by the studio Frogwares. Unlike the other reviews I post, I’ll do this one in bullet point format for the reasons illustrated above.


  • Faithful to original Sherlock books
  • Contains a fleshed-out London
  • Has several “game modes”
  • Has multiple endings
  • Has five chapters each featuring a different crime to solve with extensive stories for each one
  • Nice animation and art for such a small studio with little funding
  • You really get to play detective with a deduction board and an analysis table for evidence and interrogation, the Sherlock Scan and much more
  • Good mysteries
  • Nice length to the game
  • Contains Wiggins, Lestrade and Toby
  • You can choose your endings


  • A couple of extensive chase/tailing scenes
  • Has some supernatural elements in the later parts of the game that seemed forced and out-of-place
  • Has a couple of tedious puzzle levels
  • As far as it goes, the graphics really weren’t that good
  • The gameplay gets sort of repetitive after a while
  • Linear storyline with no deviation

Final Score:


Here’s the official trailer. A little side note: the trailer doesn’t demonstrate the gameplay style at all; it’s more of a cenematic trailer to set up the atmosphere.


Here are some screenshots that I took from the game:

The aforementioned analysis table
Holmes’ archives when even his mind palace fails to hold the answers he seeks… or it’s just a way for players to learn the information needed
Toby: The best nose in the British Empire
Holmes’ little gray cells… Oops, wrong franchise.

That’s all for this time. As always, like and follow for more game reviews and let me know what you think of the game for those of you that already played it.

This is Lieutenant and I’ll talk to you later.

Author’s Note: Frogwares is working on another game called The Sinking City and it’s going to be based on the works of Lovecraft, especially the Cthulhu Mythos so if you’re interested, head on over to their social media and check it out. I think it’s really cool and I can’t wait for it to come out since it’s going to be an open-world-ish game and I love Lovecraft. 

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    1. Hello, Alex! I’m just using the free plan that wordpress.com offers so I’m not really doing anything special and WordPress is hosting this website. So, I’m not sure how to help you about lowering the latency of your website.


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