[A Repost] Is China the next United States?

This started out as any normal day; I was surfing the web, searching up anything that intrigued me and clicking on articles that seemed interesting. One way or another, I stumbled into Quora and one of the questions I saw caught my eye. It’s the same question as the title of this article. I was curious as to how people answered and clicked on it. In the process, I read one of the best imaginable responses possible to this question. Here it is:

No. The United States is the World Police turning into a Bouncer for Hire. China’s aspiration is to be the Cook.

The United States was catapulted into Superpower during WWII, where its entire industrial base was turned into arms manufacturing. It could have disarmed after WWII, but one thing led to another, that was never done, and so here we are, with Mr. Trump selling protection and blackmailing other countries for protection money.

China is concerned about getting enough to “eat”, and she has figured out that the cook never starves, no matter who else might be starving. So she’s been going around cooking up iPhones, trains, pots and pans, and bridges for other people, and, well, making a tidy sum out of it, and feeding her own family with cents on the dollar (‘cause she makes the stuff herself, so no restaurant mark-up).

So what happened next, was that Mr. Obama calling China “a free rider for thirty years”, because she doesn’t do anything for “global security”. But I think Mr. Obama failed to appreciate the fact that a cook can not look like a bouncer and going around cracking other people’s heads – who in the world will order dinner from a cook that looks like a bouncer? Basically if you want to be the cook for the world, you have to be (or at least appear to be) AMIABLE to everybody! China is friendly with both the US and Russia, both Iran and Saudi, both Israel and Palestine, all four different governments in Yemen, etc.

But if you are a bouncer, well, you’ve got to take sides (“Good vs. Evil”), show your muscle, and beat up somebody occasionally. And you need enemies, otherwise, how do you get customers coming to you looking for protection? Right? But if you are going to fight for the Saudis, the Iranians are probably not going to be buying iPhones and automobiles from you. C’est la vie.

So no, China is not the next United States, because a Cook doesn’t need any Enemies, only customers.

-Answer written by Robin Daverman

Here’s the link to the original page.

This answer was perfect in every way and although it sort of trivialises the complexities of international politics, it does wrap up the general idea quite well.

If you agree with me, comment so below and if you disagree, let me know what you think as well. Share if you thought this was as good as I thought it was and this is Lieutenant, I’ll talk to you later.

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