Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors: Saints By Comparison

With so many opinions being expressed more than ever on the world wide stage, there comes vigilantes that gallantly defend the honor of those who are marginalised by society. In reality, they do little besides contributing to the reputation that liberals are too PC and with things like safe spaces on campuses, it becomes evident that these people are restricting speech and expression even if whatever is being expressed somehow somewhere could offend someone.

You all know that I am someone who likes to speak about issues that bother me and that’s what Outlet is for. It’s for the writers to speak about the world whether it be personal experiences or social injustice in general. However, I can’t help but also think that those who have to pick on every thing as being offensive also make it so that we can’t have discussions about sensitive topics. Ignoring such topics especially when they are at such a critical stage of development is not going to do anything. Taking offence is not such a terrible thing. Having hurt feelings is not a terrible thing especially when these hurt feelings are exchanged for progress and greater equity for all.

When taken to the extreme, this sort of hyper-awareness can result in situations similar to the video below:


So really, having extreme “correctness” does not cancel out bigotry, it is a form of bigotry in of itself.

Also, being offended for someone else also does nothing. A lot of the time, I see people who take offence because another demographic could potentially be offended. But most of the time, this other demographic (whatever it is) really does not care. I identify with a number of minority demographics and I often see people trying to defend against perceived attacks against Asians or women etc. etc. but unless what is said is clearly wrong and was meant to disenfranchise, there exists no need to take action.

The other point I want to make today is in the satisfaction one feels when condemning someone to racist or sexist or as being privileged. It makes one feel superior in morality or something in knowing that you have defended a “weaker” group. It feels nice to be able to say that they’re definitively wrong and I am right and that I am a better person than they are. This is a big motivator. I have the sneaking suspicion that a lot of people are vigilantes because of this result of self-satisfaction. It makes one a hero. By comparing yourself to the worst of the worst, you are then a saint.

So be careful and think if what you are about to post is really necessary. I find myself guilty of this on a lot of occasions. Open discussions is the first step. Don’t push your interlocutor into a stereotype (ie uneducated, redneck etc) and expect them to treat you any differently (ie elitist, arrogant etc).

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I am Lieutenant and I’ll talk to you later.

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