A List of Stupid Things People Believe Part 1 [2017]

Warning: Rant incoming.

1) The Vaccine Debate – No, vaccines do not cause autism (see here) and the guy that first started this debate (Andrew Wakefield) has since been dishonourably discharged as a member of the medical community due to his studies being unethical and for intentionally altering data to support his claim. There have also been multiple big studies proving that his research, a study that “proved” the correlation between the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine and the incidence of autism, to be completely false (see here). Vaccines are lifesavers that have managed to render previously deadly diseases obsolete in the developed world. However, due to some parents not vaccinating their children, diseases like measles have since made a comeback in this country. Vaccines are small samples of dead or inactivated pathogens that are injected into the body to train your immune system to respond to them and destroy them if your body should ever be exposed to them in the future. See here for more vaccine myths debunked as well as more information on vaccines and their history.

If you want something less scholarly and want to have the issue broken down into bite-sized pieces with some comedy mixed in, here’s a video:

2) America’s Forgotten Roots – There’s a lot I can say about this topic. Since I’ve taken APUSH and have had other supplementary sources of education in US history, I’ve been seeing more and more inconsistencies in how Americans see themselves and in how they interpret things. For objectivity’s sake, I won’t try to defend or attack any positions; I will merely point out the inconsistencies. America is, and it’s no secret, a country of immigrants. If different ethnicities and what the influx of different cultures entails were to be seen from the point of view of the true natives of America, then the Native Americans would have good reason to fear the corruption of their youths from the introduction of beer and the development of the schooling system (which, by the way were both brought to America by Germans who, also by the way, contribute to about 16% of America’s ancestral genes and were the biggest ethnic group in America). Both of those fears would come true. Native Americans sport one of the highest incidences of drinking in general (and drinking heavily) within their population (see here) and they were forced to attend schools and camps in an effort by the American government to have them assimilate into “civilised culture” (those efforts, by the way, only ending in the early 1900s).

This is all. Hopefully, there will be more in the future. I know my posting schedule is in shambles right now and my writing quality has dropped so any sort of suggestions for new topics and the like are appreciated. My motivation in keeping this blog going has also dropped. That isn’t to say that my followers aren’t awesome (particular shoutout to aak fictionspawn). Thank you all and I hope I can pick up this site and start posting again like I did a couple months ago.

I’ll talk to you again.

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