APUSH Unit VII Key Terms

1. suffragettes: Catt, Stanton, Paul, Mott

2. Treaty of Paris (1899)*

3. Conservative U.S. Supreme Court decisions: Hammer v. Dagenhart (1918); U.S. v E.C. Knight

4. “dollar diplomacy”

5. WWI: U.S. neutrality/freedom of the seas

6. child labor

7. Annexation of Hawaii

8. Hawaii/Dole/ Queen Lilioukalani

9. Spanish American War/causes

10. “Splendid little war”

11. Anti-Imperialist League

12. yellow journalism/Hearst/Pulitzer

13. The “White Man’s Burden”/Social Darwinism

14. The U.S.S. Maine

15. Teller Resolution

16. Platt Amendment

17. Emilio Aguinaldo/Filipino Revolt

18. Protectorate

19. Commonwealth

20. the Boxer Rebellion

21. Russo-Japanese War /TR’s Nobel Prize

22. TR’s “Gentleman’s Agreement”

23. Incorporated v. unincorporated possessions (Insular Cases)

24. The Panama Canal

25. The Roosevelt Corollary

26. Open Door Policy

27. “jingoism”

28. Jane Addams/Hull House/Settlement Houses

29. Booker T. Washington

30. W.E.B. DuBois


32. Muckrakers and their works*: Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, Upton Sinclair, Jacob Riis

33. Dept. of Commerce and Labor (Bureau of Corp.)

34. Bob LaFollette

35. Electoral reforms: initiative, referendum, recall, city manager, primary elections

36. Progressive Era Amendments (16-19)

37. Pure Food and Drug Act

38. Meat Inspection Act

39. United States v. Northern Securities Co.

40. “trust-busting”

41. United Mine Workers/anthracite coal strike

42. Governor’s Conference on Conservation

43. Tariff laws: Dingley (1897), Payne-Aldrich (1909), Underwood-Simmons (1913)

44. Federal Reserve System

45. Federal Trade Commission

46. Birth of a Nation (1915)

47. Our Country: Its Possible Future and Present Crisis (Josiah Strong)

48. militarism

49. nationalism, esp. the Balkans

50. Triple Alliance/Central Powers

51. Triple Entente/Allied Powers

52. “total war”

53. The Lusitania

54. Sussex Pledge

55. Zimmerman Note

56. Espionage and Sedition Acts

57. War Industries Board (other “war boards” too, Food Adm., National War Labor Board, etc.)

58. Committee on Public Information

59. Propaganda

60. ACLU

61. National self-determination

62. “Peace Without Victory”/Wilson’s War Message/14 Points Address

63. The Treaty of Versailles

64. The League of Nations

65. “Irreconciliables” and “Reservationists”

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