A Rant: In the Light of Recent Events [June 2017]

Okay. Perhaps not everyone has studied the Cold War as I was extensively prompted to. One of the things pushed by the United States was human rights, coupled with economy and technology.

When Trump was campaigning, he insisted that all the trade deals that the United States was invested in were poor negotiations and alliances that ultimately took jobs and money from Americans. If one were to look at his stances from the 90’s, he did an interview where he decried that China was taking jobs from the US. I think the issue that people face with trying to discredit Trump is that Trump himself presented himself as an outsider so it would make sense that “someone of the people is disliked by the liberal elite.” Drumpf (they changed their name to Trump upon coming to America) tried to pull out of NATO- something Putin wants to sort of reverse the clock. Oh, I’m sorry. This is a paranoid leftist fever dream since you can’t prove it without stepping on toes. Except that you can because Trumpet Boy is literally only going over the things that any American historian points to as game-changers for the US in the Cold War. When he was largely ridiculed for his stance on trade agreements, he pulled back and started looking at things that he can decide personally “for the good of American people.”

The Paris Climate Accord was just withdrawn from by Trump alone despite all the scientists at his disposal that claim that it’s a bad idea. He doesn’t want to make an informed decision (like he floundered to create when he fired Comey) that people could stand behind because he isn’t doing things to better us. There was a recent interview in which Vladimir Putin told us to “Don’t worry, be happy.” We have a few more years left before the climate becomes a bigger concern, Putin claims. . . even though, he ratified the agreement for Russia. Putin is literally openly applauding Trump from the sidelines and in the face of white nationalism (they are more than happy to say that they are receiving approval from other “pure whites”), people are STILL ignoring the people who only voted for him because they were desperate for change. They are only talked about in abstract of terms like “his voter base”. Can we not look at the people who aren’t in economic hot spots for once? Did we not recant that “Hey, maybe swing states should not be a thing?” Trump will show up in the middle of what we perceive as nowhere and tout himself as the savior. He wants to say that he means to represent us all but he only represents his own interests.

Trump threatened to pull out of the United Nations. Why would he need to? He keeps talking about making America great again without saying when exactly he believed America to be great. The times he does seem to reference would be violently ejecting protestors (not leaving it at that but also fatally harming and potentially killing them outside of the rally). That is not someone who respects other humans. What upsets me the most is that the media largely paints Trump supporters and ex-supporters as either ignorant or un-educated. IT’S THIS GENERALIZATION THAT GOT US HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Mark Zuckerberg is toying with the idea of running for President and he’s touring the United States. Please, whoever is reading this, don’t forget that there were Bernie supporters that voted for Trump over Clinton. They’re not asking for a bloody re-run of “Where are they now?” but I assume they would want you to remember that they’re on the map. This cultural lag and isolation thing is no joke.

Does anyone remember how Trump tried to say Putin was a good bloke and that America should align with Russia? He was harping on that and then when there allegations of his ACTUAL collusion and most of his head officials of his campaign having this, that, or the other business with Russia. . . he shut himself up right quick. Interesting, no? On top of that was the Muslim Ban passed in complete disregard for the whole “America the Beautiful” being a nation of immigrants. He went after the most disenfranchised group, not the only scapegoat he held above his head and said that he wanted to kill their families. After his Middle East expedition, he’s suddenly calmer? Sometimes, I’m convinced that he’s employing Nixon’s Madmen Theory and other times, I’m convinced that he’s just a moron. Ivy League or not, that doesn’t determine if you’ve made the most of your education. He wasn’t a lawyer before he became a politician (just jumped into the Presidency and you would assume that if he really wanted to save money that he would have). Trump is pushing the image of Americans being capitalist pigs. He won’t exercise. He believes that most efforts aren’t worth it if the profit margin isn’t clearly defined. He is making arms deals for money (rumors say he’s doing it for his nationwide campaigns, strange because people don’t plan on changing their minds about him).

I will say there were two things that he did say that don’t get enough attention. 1) We forgot people, and that hurts. That hurts enough to want to screw over the rest of the nation. People literally only ever think of the coasts and only call the middle as Fly-over states. 2) Trade schools and community colleges are actually not terrible. We’re all so caught up with good 4-year colleges especially for that resume that we say nothing of starting more humbly. If anything, we look down on it, like we do people, and that’s not right. No one gave him that much credit but instead went to investigate it and then report their findings (like ATTN:, Vox, and other up-and-coming news sources). Trump isn’t a complete moron but I can say for certain that he knows nothing about foreign policy and would like to see the United States become isolationist (but he doesn’t mind keeping his own businesses overseas- less competition). He hasn’t bothered to know the history because that wasn’t important that long while ago that he was in school. We literally have an anachronism in office (coupled with a lot of actual collusion with a country that is written off as an oligarch and is therefore against American ideals). Are there Russian ideals? I’m slick scared when they joke that we should learn Russian because that’s why they keep holding Ukraine. That’s Lebensraum that Hitler wanted. Like, I’m all for learning for the sake of better understanding and the government rarely represents the people (except that the United States and Europe were actually supposed to uphold that ideal at the least). I’m learning Korean and I’ve taken a certain liking to Hindi. I might learn Russian because I want to surprise my Russian friend. That’s learning with good intentions over “you should learn because we plan on conquering you, sooner rather than later.” Perhaps, they did not intend to frighten me or others but as officials who are already under scrutiny: you would think them to be a tad more cautious. I could be taking it out of context as I hope that I am.

America was actually already split between isolationists and internationalists. Internationalists’ latent warning in all of their policies was to not become isolationist China because we could literally miss everything in a blink of an eye, yet Rome did not fall in a day. Trump’s policies will not be the best thing for this nation and they have the very slight chance of not being the worst (until he proposes more rubbish) but as we joked before: Better to break it and know exactly how much force it takes than to patiently let it last and scramble to replace it. I’m rather fond of learning from history.

SIDE NOTE: Pardon, I wasn’t aware that I was suddenly elitist, much less an elite. What I’m getting at is the fact that political correctness has just become a derogatory term for “anticipating potentially aggressive behavior that disrespects another human being.” Racist jokes were okay when those races couldn’t speak for themselves. Transgender jokes and all other LGBTQIA+ too. Political correctness makes it seem like everything that was funny suddenly isn’t… but that’s because you finally acknowledge that I am not okay with being referred to as innately lazy. She is not okay with you making her being afraid to come out of the closet as betrayal. He doesn’t care for your “harmless jokes” that tell him that he is less of a human being, a freaking caricature. But you tell me, that we are all angry. Why would I not be angry? You can say how you’re mad that the immigrant took your job but you should be mad at the corporations that hire them to only pay them under the table. Corporations are freaking exploiting them but you’re the one who’s hurt. How selfless of you.

That’s all for this time. We’ll talk to you later.

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