Perhaps the Next Great Flood Will Come After All

I think it is rather ironic that the biblical records of our past prominently feature a great flood designed to wash human corruption and sin from the Earth. Because, after all, haven’t we been working towards that outcome since we were aware that we were poisoning the Earth? So, instead of divine intervention at the hands of an angry God disillusioned by the creations closest to His image, we will be responsible for our own Great Flood when the ocean will flood over and claim land and life.

No, that is not entirely correct. The ocean will not, on a given day, flow over– it has already started inching upwards. We have seen evidence of this, in fact, alarmingly so just in the past decade. Sea level rise, a rise in temperature, the severity of weather, drought, famine and disease. And before you know it, the people that think they’re safe will be the ones most unprepared to face it and that could be you. Whether you be in Nebraska or Mar-a-Lago, you will feel the change–some places will change gradually and others will feel the effects immediately.

It is not an apocalypse because we know it’s coming, we know that we’re the cause and yet, we aren’t slowing our headlong dive into disaster. It is not some notion dreamt up by enemies of big business and capitalism. And certainly, I don’t think that polar bears and the people vulnerable to death by hurricane will be appreciative of the fact that Congressmen continue to deny the physical reality they can see happening in front of their eyes.


Fittingly, the place where I found this picture at (EcoWatch) is an article about how a Floridian mayor has decided to believe that climate change is real after he learned about how rising sea levels would impact his city.



I know that whatever I write won’t be seen by most people, but in the absence of hope that anything will change, I’ve turned to laughing at the irony in which mankind has set its path on. Mankind is a scourge on Earth (for the most part– I’m sure Switzerland or Sweden etc. hasn’t done much to merit being part of the “scourge” but I digress) and Earth has a convenient solution. Let them wipe themselves out! A disease with its own built-in apoptosis function in the form of oil, money and greed.

The only regret is that mankind will not sink beneath the waves gracefully. Man is inherently selfish. In the end, it will bring down every other species it can. Like a shipwrecked man grasping at the legs of another struggling survivor, he cares not if the other man lives if only he can use others to push himself up above the waves. When the ocean claims your house, the government as it is won’t help you. They will still be bringing in snowballs to the Senate floor to prove that global warming is a hoax.


As the video from C-Span shows us (if you haven’t seen it already), this is the type of person we in America have voted for in the past and I don’t doubt will still vote for today and in the future. So, let’s see just how long we can keep this game going, pretendin’ that climate change isn’t real and that we’re not responsible for it. I won’t bring out charts about the correlation between fossil fuels and the rise of temperature. I’m sure you’ve already seen those. You’ve all heard this before. If only some of us can be as enthusiastic about the Earth as we are about the size of people’s penises. When you put it like that, it’s not fun anymore, is it? God doesn’t need to do anything to bring on this upcoming Great Flood. We are going to commit mass suicide at this rate without needing His help.

And before you blame it on the rich and the elite for their blasted business interests and such, you are a human just as they are and no one is blameless. No one gets to pass off responsibility by blaming it on people they know aren’t going to change. Start with yourself first. And certainly, for those who think Mars could be a viable option for future human colonisation– you’re delusional if you think people can just trash their home planet and move somewhere where there’s no air, little water and a temperature difference of as much as 200° F between day and night and that’s not mentioning the amount of radiation blasting the surface of the planet every second. Mars is not your fantasy home, guys. And Earth isn’t your mother’s house. You can’t just live there for most of your life, living off of her love and generosity, and then after you leave home and she becomes old and weary, you dump her at a retirement house. It just doesn’t work like that.

That’s all for today. I’ll talk to you again soon.


As you can tell, I was in a bit of a morbid mood. Perhaps it is all the rain we’ve been getting the past couple of days. Hope that didn’t ruin anyone’s day but I believe every word I wrote and I hope you’ve at least considered what I said. As always, comment if you’ve got your own opinion you want to share or contact us by filling out our contact form.


2 thoughts on “Perhaps the Next Great Flood Will Come After All

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  1. I agree, no one is blameless, but the way I see it, the higher consumption one has, the more one is to blame. Still, the vast majority can consume less. And you are totally right, we will take incredible amounts of other species with us, we are already do. The rest are the first to suffer, then the poor, especially in the third world. Thank you for bringing up this important subject.


    1. My motto is to not worry about the things you can’t change. While the celebrities who have giant green lawns during the California drought do consume vastly more resources than the average person, there’s no point in pointing fingers at them and then not doing anything ourselves. I know that a significant number of people think like that and that’s what I meant by saying that. This topic is close to my heart and I’d like more people to see this.


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