Maze Runner: I Made a Game!

TL;DR — Basically, I made a game on for my AP Computer Science Principles (APCSP) class and it’s a maze game and I’ve included the code for it, which can give you a couple of ideas for your own creations and serve as an example, and I’ve also included a video that shows you how it plays and a link for you to play it. There is one big problem with the game code but I’m too lazy to figure it out.

Besides the unoriginal title of this game, I think this little creation of mine is quite decent. There is a problem with the timer compounding every time the game is restarted without the countdown first reaching zero (and a problem which I was too lazy to fix) but otherwise, this simple program is able to execute a game with four screens and multiple game mechanics.

I used AppLab (which uses JavaScript) to make this game and I’ll show you the code used to make it in a second. This was part of the AP project we have to do for AP Computer Science Principles (APCSP) and although I think it’s simplistic considering what you can do on Game Creator, I think it turned out pretty well. In any case, here’s the program code (if you want to use any part of this code in your game, make sure to add a reference to here because otherwise, it is considered plagiarism and the CollegeBoard people doesn’t like plagiarists):

As always, programming style is important so make it a habit to add comments and indents so that your code is more readable.

As part of the AP project, I also had to make a video with a voiceover since just looking at the program code won’t easily tell you what the game actually does. I also had to make the video under a minute in length so there were some serious limitations on what I could do and I ended up editing the video in a lot of places. Here it is:


That’s it. If you want to play the game for yourself, click below and from there, you can see also check out the program code. If any of you guys find a way to fix the timer problem, please let me know.

I’ll talk to you later.

Play the game here!

P.S. I know that the Political section on this blog has been rather empty lately, but I promise we’ll have a new article out in the next couple of weeks. Look forward to it!