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This article is going to be rather succinct as I would rather interpret the given facts.

I’m going to borrow and elaborate on an idea a friend of mine had. She said that perhaps United States President Donald Trump launched airstrikes on  Russian airbases in Syria because he instead decided to become some sort of war hero by taking a decisive stance on Syria, given that the Assad regime recently used chemical weapons on their own citizens. Or perhaps, Trump is showing the international community that he understands the compassion that the strong must have towards those who cannot defend themselves.  That same decisive stance would also show his clear opposition to Russian Vladimir Putin as Putin wishes to support the Assad regime. A testimony from a Syrian in ground zero recorded by the Chicago Tribune reads that “The American strikes did nothing for us. They can still commit massacres at any time.”

Some may argue that Trump’s failure is still indicative of his attempts to assuage the concerns to both America and Putin of where his loyalties lie. Regardless of his actions, Trump must realize sooner rather than later that he has placed himself in a position where he has a determining factor in the lives of several million people , the criticis m that he is subjected to is only their input to their own fates. To those who rush to defend him as the verifiable outsider he is: If you are okay with someone try to learn the ropes whilst on the job and act surprised when he does something un-presidential (something that makes you look foolish for vouching for him or goes against your interests), you must be of the insane people who think that doing the same thing over and over again will yield different results. We have in the past elected political outsiders to lesser public offices; however, Trump’s circumstances closely resemble US President Herbert Hoover after whom the hoovervilles are named. Trump is fortunate to come into office while the economy is still recovering under Obama’s reforms which has brought about the ten-year low in US unemployment, a figure covered by many new sources. Those in Trump’s cabinet want to pretend as if the positive figures appeared out of nowhere as if the presidency started from scratch as soon as soon as he entered office. Late night shows have recorded the hypocrisy of Republicans in regards to their reactions to the figures during and after Obama. So what is the true purpose of this article?

Trump has largely used ideas that would have been better accepted during the 1980s or even a little before. He capitalized and rode the moment of the sense of urgency that the more politically conservative felt towards the rapid progress happening under the Obama administration.  On one hand, Trump is trying to keep from committing ground troops by sending missiles but he has failed to make any effective strikes according to the testimony which is why Democrats have pointed out makes them unjustfiable as they largely serve no purpose. On the other hand, the Republicans are demanding of Americans that they support Trump’s efforts as he took a pivotal stance for the Syrian Civil War. This further cements the narrative that Trump hopes to direct the American people’s attention to beyond our borders so that he can implement all of his damaging domestic reforms that would only benefit himself and the true elite that hid behind smoke and mirrors (and accused the liberals of being the elite). Who’s to say what Trump means to do but himself. Intentions are not always as weighty as the actions one takes. So perhaps, he means well but his track record of trying to usher through critical legislation or creating non-events to deflect investigation in tumultuous periods is awfully suspicious and does work to his advantage. The American people can only allow him so much benefit of the doubt and those who are reluctant to believe that this is our administration are welcome to fact-check using the various news outlets that Trump especially branded as “fake news” (much like a child says they did not eat the cookie that the hidden camera caught them eating).

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