This is about Noblesse. Recently, I’ve caught up with the manhwa series again and the most recent chapter ended with Frankenstein fighting Ignes. I’m just thinking that Frankenstein something must be seriously wrong with him. He just broke down after seeing Rai draining himself of his life force fighting Titan. Then there’s the part where he asked himself about if there’s something wrong with his eardrums.

I get that he taunts people during battle, but he swore multiple times and that OOC for him. I really wonder what happens next. Come back to normal, Franky. Frankly, I kind of

Frankly, I kind of want Raizel over with. I think he should’ve died already. This whole subplot about him using up his life force every time he uses his powers is getting old and the Lord’s sword providing him with a little life force sort of felt like a Deus Ex Machina to me. Sorry, Raizel, you gotta go. You can’t keep up with the crew anymore.


They heard his outburst and the chapter ends there.


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