Author Highlight: T.A. Barron


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Picture by Aimee Giese

This here, ladies and gentlemen, is one of my most revered authors growing up.  He has written several series of books. I recommend The Merlin Saga. In The Merlin Saga, are the subseries The Lost Years of Merlin, Merlin’s Dragon Trilogy and The Great Tree of Avalon. I love all of them. There is the wonder of a completely new world in his books, but everything is grounded and feels real and promises many hours of enjoyment. His Adventures of Kate, though, I never got into. I guess the fact that it’s a modern setting with the main character being sucked into a fantastic adventure doesn’t really appeal to me. His best books, though, are in The Great Tree of Avalon series. In those books, he elaborates on his world without Merlin and introduces a whole set of new characters and reveals a bunch of lore and personal histories. I’m not too familiar with his books nowadays (since I read his books in middle school) but they’ve made a big impact on me and I highly recommend them to everyone.

Ellen rating: 100/100!!

I should probably tell you a little more about what his books are actually about, huh? Well, The Merlin Saga starts off with The Lost Years of Merlin and it details how Merlin came to be on Avalon and how he got his powers and what happened before he became the wizard everyone knows. Merlin’s Dragon Trilogy tells you the story of, well, Merlin’s dragon, an ugly duckling that grew up to be a fierce dragon and Merlin’s companion. This trilogy gives you a taste of the expanded Avalon that you’ll see in The Great Tree of Avalon and Merlin soon exits the stage to make way for the new cast in Avalon. And in Avalon, the world explodes and you see the titular Tree in its full glory. Just look at this map!


Image result for the great tree of avalon map
Image from TA Barron’s website


And this is only one-third of the Tree. If you like giant fantasy worlds with mythical creatures and an almost endless storyline, then T.A. Barron’s books are definitely for you. Happy reading!

Here is a link to his website.



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