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Well, there’s a reason you clicked on this article; you either want to write a blog or want someone else to write a blog to help you. Either way, you’re interested in blogs. So there, I just drew up a simple equation: you plus a blog on one side and your potential audience on the other. The question is, then, who is going to be on the other side?

The answer to that depends on you as a contributor to the blog, of course. But to motivate you further, I’m going to give you some reasons why you would want to blog. More specifically, how you blogging can help other people. Here are four ways:

1. Share Your Experiences

You know those days when you’re feeling down? Or those days when you feel like something just clicked for you? Well, either way, someone else out there might have gone through the same experience or maybe want to go through the same experience. If you have knowledge you think can be valuable to someone, share it and someone just might reply with a “Same!”.

2. Help Satisfy Global Gross Curiosity

You didn’t know the GGC was a thing? Well now you know! And guess what? You can help satisfy the curiosity of people worldwide if only you’d start a blog! How awesome is that? Choose interesting topics that don’t yield many satisfying results on Google and teach anyone who comes your way about something even Google isn’t very knowledgeable about. How’s that for your resume?

3. Speak Your Mind

You have thoughts and opinions on a lot of things. In fact, you have thoughts and opinions on pretty much everything you see and know. But sometimes, you feel like you need someone to listen to those thoughts and opinions. Start a blog and depending on what your thoughts and opinions are on, maybe lots of people would love to hear what you have to say. This can help build awareness around certain subjects and form communities around them. Keep in mind, this can go either way (either goodly or badly) and depending on the topic of choice, you may not want to go down this route.

4. Spread the Goodness

By goodness, I mean video games, movies, books, recipes etc. etc. If you like something, share it with other people so that they can enjoy it too! You just might save someone from being fatally bored, who knows. You might also be responsible for some hot new trend and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that it was you who brought it into existence. If nothing else, sharing is caring.

I just gave you several reasons why you should blog. Now go forth, enlightened one, and work your bloggerly magic!

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