More Content and Writers

Hello, everyone! Thank you to the four people who have followed this blog so far. XD I appreciate it.

I have recruited two other writers to occasionally help me put out content, so watch the name of the author if you’re going to leave a comment. I’m also thinking of expanding the number of categories on this site (once again). The new categories include Gaming, Tales and a poems subcategory under the Books and Quotes category.

And yes, I am a high school student and that’s why I upload APUSH essay prep. Next year, I’m going to take more AP classes, so watch out for help in those classes…

If you guys want us to talk about a specific topic or recommend us a book or poem or want our take on something, feel free to send the Outlet team an e-mail at In the sidebar is a link to a SurveyMonkey poll about the potential topics I’ll write about next Wednesday. Voting closes on Sunday at noon. You can also write-in your own topic and if I like it, I might pick your suggestion. That’s all. Have a great rest of the week y’all!

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